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Retirement Plan Administrators, Inc. (RPA) is an independent third party retirement plan administration company in Atlanta, GA.  RPA has been administering retirement plans since 1985 across 24 states.

We have no affiliations with other companies, do not sell or promote a specific product, nor manage money.

We constantly monitor Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) Regulations to determine their options for and effect on existing and newly created retirement plans.

RPA can allow you to invest in multiple investment vehicles.  The investment alternatives are available on either a plan level or a participant investment directed level.

Today, as a privately held and independent third party plan administrator, record-keeper and platform provider, we are committed to offering:

  • “True” Open Investment Architecture with no proprietary fund requirements
  • Full Fee Transparency – we disclose and re-capture all available revenue sharing that Plan assets generate into an “ERISA budget account” that is used at the discretion of the Plan Sponsor, typically to offset plan related expenses
  • A remarkable “White Glove” Service model combining experienced professionals with leading edge technology
  • Access to other preferred provider platforms with which we have the experience, and can recommend to a plan due to their ability to deliver superior plan sponsor services as well as effectively interface with us

The RPA Difference

With an intentionally different mindset, Retirement Plan Administrators invoked an integrated approach in which consulting, service and sales are equal players in providing clients outstanding advice and support.   Gone are the days in which a single person holds the client relationship.   Instead, each RPA client is assigned a dedicated and experienced retirement benefits consulting team, with a single-source of contact to answer your questions and provide the information you need. This team works collaboratively to bring you the best benefit plan options.  Additionally, they support you and your employees throughout the year with on-going education, retirement and saving initiatives, and answers to your benefits issues.  Along the way, your team will proactively provide helpful information on emerging trends, legislative changes and clarification on the latest regulations governing retirement plans.


Top reasons to partner with RPA for your retirement Plan

  • We never lose sight of our primary goal – client satisfaction and building trusted relationships
  • We are intentionally different, meaning never being afraid to make quality commitments
  • Our commitment to our clients with personalized service in a timely, professional manner
  • Never compromising our business integrity and always doing the right thing by our customers

Meet Our Team

Mike Zahariades, APR
Mike Zahariades, APRManaging Partner, Business Development
Marianna Christofil, QPA, QKA
Marianna Christofil, QPA, QKAAssociate Partner, Operations
Griffin Zahariades
Griffin ZahariadesSales and Marketing Associate - Savannah & Augusta
Katrina Moody
Katrina MoodyRetired Partner
Peggy Smith
Peggy SmithRetired Partner
Belinda Buckley
Belinda BuckleySenior Pension Consultant
Dan Burnett, QKA
Dan Burnett, QKAPension Consultant
Debbie Harr
Debbie HarrPension Consultant
Joyce Lucht, QKA
Joyce Lucht, QKAInstallation Manager
Dena Hulsey
Dena HulseyAtlanta Office Manager
Ron Matheny
Ron MathenySenior Compliance Consultant
Cindy Perkins
Cindy PerkinsSenior Pension Consultant
Kim Pope
Kim PopeSenior Pension Consultant
Madison Rutledge
Madison RutledgePension Consultant
Amanda Poss
Amanda PossJunior Pension Analyst
Debbie Seals, QKA
Debbie Seals, QKASenior Pension Consultant
Ginny Wall
Ginny WallJunior Pension Administrator
Gloria Wall, QKA
Gloria Wall, QKAPension Consultant
Chrissy Walther, QKA
Chrissy Walther, QKAPension Consultant
Kevin Widlowski
Kevin WidlowskiJunior Pension Analyst
Dawn Piel
Dawn PielAdministrative Assistant
Tracy Justice
Tracy JusticePension Consultant
Jonny Dent
Jonny DentPension Consultant
Joshua Land
Joshua LandJunior Pension Analyst
Stacey Richard
Stacey RichardPension Consultant

Code of Service

When you select RPA as your third party administrator and record-keeper, you are the driver of your plan; we will be your navigator.


Aim of the Company

The aim of RPA is simple… through creativity and customization, to provide individually designed services, at an affordable price, that always exceed the expectations of our clients. It can be a challenge choosing the best retirement plan for the needs of your business, your employees and you. That is why RPA offers a wide range of retirement plans and services, plus access to people who are experienced at tailoring a plan to suit your needs.


Professional Code of Ethics

At RPA, staff members, by the nature of their work, are in close contact with clients and their personnel as well as private and personal information. RPA requires every staff member to achieve and maintain the highest level of integrity, professional ethics and bear the responsibility for strict adherence to the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) code of professional conduct and the moral courage to uphold it.


Confidentiality of Client Matters

As a RPA client, your organization will entrust to our care certain confidential data. We recognize that our client’s relationship with us is based on trust, and that they expect us to act responsibly. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in maintaining your records and information’s safekeeping and use.


Quality Assurance

RPA realizes staying competitive, effective and up-to-date within a constantly changing market requires continuous research, education, and training. We maintain our excellence by employing and training appropriately qualified and experienced personnel, and provide continuing education opportunities through internal and external sources. We keep abreast of the latest governmental regulations and rulings, attend specialized user groups and seminars, and invest in software technology and updates, relieving you of the burden of managing a retirement plan. Our focus is consulting and administering your retirement plan to meet your needs. In return, you have the time to pursue your business endeavors with the confidence that your interests are managed efficiently.



Fees are individually quoted, and are charged based on the service agreement established between the employer and RPA upon plan installation. If there are services requested that are beyond the scope of the original service agreement, RPA may agree to perform the special/ad hoc services at a mutually agreed rate.

RPA’s History

Retirement Plan Administrators (RPA) was established in 1985 by Peggy Smith and Katrina Moody to provide pension plan consulting, administration and record-keeping services.  Today, the company is proud to support the retirement goals of over 1,000 retirement plans and thousands of participants across the country in the qualified plan arena including daily 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans.  RPA has no affiliations with other companies, does not market a specific product, nor manage money.  This independence affords us the flexibility and objectivity we want to maintain when providing our services and consulting strategy approach to our clients.  RPA serves clients from 3 main offices in Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah.


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