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In business, every benefit creates a position of competitive advantage. RPA offers Qualified Retirement Plan Consulting and Plan Administration Services in an economical and customized approach, making it possible to seize every opportunity to build a formidable business.


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Retirement Plan Administrators, Inc. (RPA) is an independent third party retirement plan administration company based in Atlanta, GA.  RPA has been administering retirement plans since 1985 across multiple states.  We have no affiliations with other companies, do not sell or promote a specific product, nor manage money.  We constantly monitor Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) Regulations to determine their options for and effect on existing and newly created retirement plans.  RPA can allow you to invest in multiple investment vehicles.  The investment alternatives are available on either a plan level or a participant investment directed level.

Our Core Values

With an intentionally different mindset, Retirement Plan Administrators invoked an integrated approach in which consulting, service and sales are equal players in providing clients outstanding advice and support. Gone are the days in which a single person holds the client relationship. Instead, each RPA client is assigned a dedicated and experienced retirement benefits consulting team, with a single-source of contact to answer your questions and provide the information you need.

This team works collaboratively to bring you the best benefit plan options. Additionally, they support you and your employees throughout the year with on-going education, retirement and saving initiatives, and answers to your benefits issues. Along the way, your team will proactively provide helpful information on emerging trends, legislative changes and clarification on the latest regulations governing retirement plans.

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